As a bit of a curveball, we have a somewhat unique opportunity for you.  Our good friend, Rick Unser at Lockton Companies, has allowed us to post the link to his two-part interview with Jerry Schlicter of Schlichter Bogart & Denton.  The interview was arranged and held on Rick’s weekly podcast, “401(k) Fridays.” The Schlicter law firm has been the driving force behind many of the large 401(k) lawsuits over the past decade.

​Part 1 of Rick’s conversation discusses the origins of 401(k) litigation against employers, why the Schlicter Firm turns down certain cases and why some cases succeed and others don’t.  In addition, Mr. Schlicter gives his thoughts on what employers should and should not be doing if they don’t want to run into legal trouble.   Part 2 of Rick’s conversation with Mr. Schlicter focuses on whether the strategies employers and plan fiduciaries use to determine the reasonableness of plan fees are effective and how he sees certain plan sponsor practices.  One senior ERISA litigator that I spoke with said that “that every client and benefits lawyer should listen to these interviews.”

Again, we’d like to thank Rick Unser, Lockton Companies and “401(k) Fridays” for allowing us to post this two part interview.  Also, please check out “401(k) Fridays.”  It has a large archive of outstanding interviews with industry leaders on a whole range of topics related to 401(k) Plans.