The Senate has released the legislative text of the continuing resolution (CR) that would fund the federal government at current levels through March 23. The text of the CR is available here, and a high-level summary can be viewed here.

The Senate will vote on the CR this afternoon – passage is expected. The House will take up its vote thereafter. House Speaker Paul Ryan expressed confidence this morning that he has the necessary votes to get the legislation across the finish line.

Here are some quick highlights from the Senate CR package:

  • A two-year bipartisan budget agreement that will raise the discretionary budget caps for defense and domestic programs
  • One-year extension of tax provisions that expired in 2016
  • Suspension of the debt ceiling through March 1, 2019
  • Extension of CHIP for an additional four years – bringing the total to 10 years
  • Disaster assistance for those affected by hurricanes and wildfires – $89.3 billion total with increased Medicaid funding for Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands