The Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs has updated its Unified Agenda of Regulatory and Deregulatory Actions for Spring 2018, providing a comprehensive look at the federal agencies’ rulemaking plans in the near-term.

Based on a preliminary review, McGuireWoods Consulting’s Tax Policy Group has flagged some of the regulatory items that may be of interest to our clients. The list below is not meant to be exhaustive, but it provides a snapshot of what the Treasury Department is up to over the next few months. Full agency listings are available here.

Select Regulatory Items in the Unified Agenda (Spring 2018)

  • Dividend Equivalents From Sources Within the U.S. (TREAS)
  • REIT Income Tests (TREAS)
  • Tax on Property Owned by a C Corporation That Becomes Property of a RIC or REIT (TREAS)
  • Definition of Qualifying Energy Property, Sec. 48 Investment Tax Credit (TREAS)
  • Sec. 965 Transition Tax (TREAS)
  • Sec. 59A (TREAS)
  • Regulations Providing Guidance Under Sec. 1446(f) (TREAS)
  • Foreign Tax Credit Guidance (TREAS)
  • Sec. 451(b) Requirements (TREAS)
  • Sec. 199A Guidance (TREAS)
  • Rules Regarding Business Interest Limitation Under Section 163(j) (TREAS)
  • Guidance under Sec. 163(j) Applicable to Pass-Throughs (TREAS)