Tax Reform 2.0

The House Ways and Means Committee today released three one-pagers on Tax Reform 2.0 – nothing groundbreaking here. The documents simply reiterate the three main goals of Tax Reform 2.0:

  1. Make permanent the individual and small business tax cuts enacted in 2017. See the document here.
  2. Promote savings by making it easier for individuals to save for retirement, education, and other expenses. See the document here.
  3. Spur new business innovation by reducing start-up costs and removing barriers to growth. See the document here.

Once again, the committee did not provide many policy details. This is just a rehash of the framework that came out in July. The Ways and Means Committee is planning to mark up a bill the week of Sept. 10. House leadership is aiming to hold a floor vote on Tax Reform 2.0 in late September.

Rettig Nomination

Charles Rettig, nominee to be the next IRS commissioner, may finally get his confirmation vote in the Senate next week.