The House and Senate will convene on Wednesday at noon and 3 p.m., respectively.


  • Bills Under Suspension. The chamber will vote on a series of bills related to financial services, health care, and energy innovation – see the full list here. Some noteworthy measures include:
    • S. 97 – the Nuclear Energy Innovation Capabilities Act would enable civilian research and development of advanced nuclear energy technologies.
    • H.R. 5059 – the State Insurance Regulation Preservation Act would ensure that insurance savings and loan holding companies that meet applicable state and federal capital standards are regulated by the states.
    • H.R. 6411 – the FinCEN Improvement Act would ensure FinCEN works with tribal law enforcement agencies, prioritizes protection against all forms of terrorism, and places a focus on emerging methods of terrorism and illicit finance, including cryptocurrencies.
  • Save American Workers Act. Lawmakers will also debate H.R. 3798, a bill that would repeal the 30-hour threshold for classification as full-time employee for purposes of the Affordable Care Act’s employer mandate and increase the threshold to 40 hours. Additionally, the bill would suspend the employer mandate and delay the Cadillac tax. The House Rules Committee is scheduled to meet on Sept. 12 to draft a rule for floor debate.
  • H.R. 5895 Conference Report. The chamber may also take up the conference report to H.R. 5895 – the first FY 2019 minibus package covering funding for Energy and Water, Milcon-VA, and the Legislative Branch.


  • IRS Nominee. The chamber will resume consideration of Charles Rettig to be IRS commissioner on Sept. 12.
  • Patient Right to Know Drug Prices Act. The chamber is expected to vote on S. 2554, a bill introduced by Sen. Collins (R-ME) that would prohibit insurers and prescription benefit managers from using gag clauses.
  • Opioids Legislation. Votes on H.R. 6 (as amended) will begin this week.

Key Hearings

Financial Services
  • Sept. 12 – Senate Banking Committee to hold a hearing to examine countering Russia, focusing on assessing new tools.
  • Sept. 12 – The Financial Stability Oversight Council to hold a closed meeting on the council’s FY 2019 budget, annual report, and an update on the annual reevaluation of a SIFI designation.
  • Sept. 13 – Senate Banking Committee to hold a hearing to examine the implementation of the Economic Growth, Regulatory Relief, and Consumer Protection Act.
  • TBD – The House Ways and Means Committee may hold a markup of Tax Reform 2.0 this week.
  • Sept. 13 – Senate Finance Committee to hold a hearing to examine the nomination of Gail Ennis to be the inspector general of the Social Security Administration.
Health Care
  • Sept. 13 – House Energy and Commerce Committee to hold a subcommittee hearing on “Examining Barriers to Expanding Innovative Value-Based Care in Medicare.”
  • Sept. 13 – House Foreign Relations Committee to hold an oversight hearing on U.S. sanctions policy.
  • Sept. 13 – Senate Agriculture Committee to hold a hearing to examine perspectives on U.S. agricultural trade.
  • Sept. 13 – Senate Energy Committee to hold a hearing on the rule of U.S. LNG in meeting European energy demand.
  • Sept. 13 – Senate EPW Committee to hold a hearing to examine advanced nuclear technology, focusing on safety and associated benefits of licensing accident-tolerant fuels for commercial nuclear reactors.
  • Sept. 13 – Senate Commerce, Science, and Transportation Committee to hold a hearing on the transportation of tomorrow, focusing on emerging technologies that will move America.
Consumer Protection
  • Sept. 13-14 – The Federal Trade Commission to hold a hearing on competition and consumer protection in the 21st century. The discussion will address the current landscape of competition and privacy laws; regulation of consumer data; and analysis of vertical mergers, among other things.