Earmarks are continuing to make a return to Congress after a moratorium lasting a decade. Following the House’s announcement that the committee will accept Member requests for Community Project Funding in appropriations bills for the upcoming fiscal year (FY2022), the Senate followed suit. On April 26, 2021, the chair of the Senate Committee on Appropriations announced an intention to restore the use of congressionally directed spending items in appropriations bills for the upcoming fiscal year (FY2022). Such congressionally directed spending items will be subject to the Senate rules and restrictions governing earmarks.

Senate earmark disclosure rules apply to any congressional earmark included in either the text of the bill or the committee report accompanying the bill, as well as the conference report and joint explanatory statement. The disclosure requirements apply to items in authorizing legislation, appropriations legislation, and tax measures. Furthermore, they apply not only to measures reported by committees but also to unreported measures, amendments, House bills, and conference reports.

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